First Thing’s First

I know you’re going to be like “How does this help me start my business?” But first thing’s first, if you can’t visualize it, no one can, and no one will. 

Let me tell you a story about how I came to understanding the power of visuals. When I was first starting my business, my thoughts were so messed up, it reflected on my presentation skills. I had words on paper so messed up, even pharmacists would have a hard time reading them. People had a hard time understanding what I wanted to say because I couldn’t even organize my ideas and thoughts, nor did I have a sequence on what to tell them first. 

Power of visuals:

1. when you imagine things you make space for new methods of thinking
2. visuals allow more engagement with the person you are communicating with
3. it makes it easier for the present individuals to build relationships which in turn assist in group understanding
4. visualizing things makes the discussed topic more memorable

Once I had my business ideas sorted out, I turned my words into visuals that would make it easier for people to remember what I am talking about, and I saw the result when I realized people were more interested in my business when I was using visuals in my presentations and meetings.

Take my advice, make sure you have a sequence of your ideas prepared in front of you, sometimes it helps to have the material you want to say on small note cards so you can give a smooth presentation. By presentation, I don’t mean on whiteboards or projections, it could be something as simple as displaying your visuals to the other person on paper. 

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be an artist to deliver your message, you cannot be as bad as I am at drawing, and I did just fine when I had a message in my mind to deliver. 

Use the book Visual Leaders by David Sibbet as a reference, I know it was very beneficial to me! I bought the book from Librarie Antoine, ABC Ashrafieh.



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The story behind this blog

I woke up on this beautiful sunny Sunday morning and said to myself: “That’s it, I’m starting my blog today” and so I did. But I did not start this blog with the intention of being a random blogger. I have been studying a start-up business with my folks since May 2013, and if I had a penny for every time I faced a difficulty because I had no guidance on how to start, I would have been rich enough to get people to do the job for me by now. But since I didn’t, let me share this journey with you.

It all started when I began my internship at Grey Beirut, the advertising agency, back in 2011. The motive behind my internship was to develop my skills in Public Relations. Most of my work was research-based, the best part of my internship was when I was asked to research and develop a database of Lebanese bloggers. It took me 2 weeks to finish the task and I developed a database of 300 back then, currently 700.

It hit me at database. One day me and Tony, my boyfriend, were discussing how difficult it is to find reliable data about things related to Lebanon. We started developing a plan on how to make a database on businesses in Lebanon, and how important and beneficial it would be for people to have access to this database at ease. Back then, unfortunately, my parents didn’t have the budget to implement the plan. Nowadays, they do, and we are starting a directory in Lebanon, which would appeal to people of all ages and from various locations around the country. We plan to go as far as it takes to make data accessible and easy to get.

Stay tuned, I will share tips and advice soon, along with new stories on how my journey started.



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